2018 @ #WSHQ same same but different!

Hello 2018!

We are ready to go at #WSHQ! It took a while but we have made some changes inspired by GCUC (juicy) After some late nights, tweaks and changes in the physical space and online we are good to go! phew

Same Same

Working Spaces HQ - is a space where you can work, learn, play and grow - this isn't confined to our walls. We want to collaborate and connect and we want to be an asset to our local community and the greater region. Whether you need to hot desk, use the printer, use our address as your virtual office or hire our projector. Our core is hiring space without the overheads - that suits your needs! We want to provide a co-working space as well as advocating and promoting startups - we have a vision of #100startupsby2020

WORK // We have 4 offices which we call our "anchor tenants" and these are all leased on a 12-month sublease. We have 4 semi desks - which are leased per month and are in our open plan area. We have 2-4 hot desks available that you can book by the hour, day, week or month.

LEARN // From 1 on 1 consultations to small group workshops - we have developed some great workshops to help you learn all the things you need on so many topics, from bookwork to 3D printing. Most masterclasses have been delivered by Simone, however, we want to collaborate and have other experts deliver workshops, tell us what you want to learn, tell us what you can teach and let's learn together!

PLAY //  We need to bring some play into our work #WSHQ brings entrepreneurs, startups and small - new businesses together away from the kitchen table and into the business community - but it's not all business, wouldn't it be nice to grab a coffee - go to a "work event" but not fly solo - #WSHQ wants to be a space and community where together we can play. Starting a business or working by yourself can be lonely and isolating - don't want to or can't afford to co-work - you can come play instead!

GROW // From mindfulness to our community library and soon to be launched co-book club #WSHQ is a place you can grow - grow your business, grow your network, grow your understanding with our unique events. We will have 4 growth events this year and 1 ongoing "Mock Board" (email me for deets on this) 


With the space bursting at the seams - we will be taking our networking, classes, masterclasses offsite. We hope to connect and collab and use other peoples venues which is really exciting because we only had a teeny tiny space at #WSHQ but now we can go and grow bigger!

We will be seeking corporate sponsorship, offering product placement on our shelf (we have so many VIPs in the building) and a few outside the circle ideas to help us deliver on our 4 signature events and masterclasses.

Working Spaces HQ is a smart business with heart - we want to be an asset to our community and a leader in the regional co-working space. If you want to be apart of our vision, deliver a workshop, help out or hot desk ... let me know :D


founder // Working Spaces HQ

e: simone@workingspaceshq .com.au

ps - we got a couch YAY

pps - the rumours are true a cafe/winebar/gallery is going in downstairs!

 Our couch - it needs a throw and cushion eeeep

Our couch - it needs a throw and cushion eeeep

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