Lets talk business names

Why ... Working Spaces HQ?

#WSHQ for short

It's a mouthful, to long, to long to spell out the web address, to long to spell out the email.

yadda yadda yadda

Business names are one of my fave things to talk about, that's kinda a whole chapter in my book shameless cross-promotion and a timely reminder to talk more about this. I do have a few hairy stories to share about that topic! lol (not really lol but it's always funny in hindsight)

The reason I called "Working Spaces HQ" ... Working Spaces HQ is because that is the keywords that people are using when they are searching google to look for a "co-working space." With remote workers booked in to hot desk at Working Spaces HQ this notion is proving itself true. Day after day!

You may or may not know #WSHQ started from humble beginnings, in the 365cups office, with the help of the Beyond Bank Community Entrepreneurs Grant, I took my dining room table from home (currently our new reception desk) and 2 IKEA tables back in 2015. After outgrowing our space in 5 minutes (ok to be fair 6 months) we moved upstairs into 48 Johnston Street into a custom fit space.

From our humble beginnings our rapid growth came with some incredible feedback, the local business community wanted;

1. Secure, private offices

2. A meeting room (which we ditched coz no-one ever used it)

3. Flexible entry and security

4. More than a plain shared office, something with style and character!

5. A "proper" photocopier (this should be 1st on the list!)

+ No long leasers or massive overheads So that is what we did. We have 4 offices, 4 semi desk, a few hot desks and all the things and office needs. The space #WSHQ is at capacity :0 

Keep in mind we are in a regional town - Wagga Wagga with a population of 60k people but its about quality not quantity #WSHQ has a name and reputation and is a leader in regional co-working

We used an awesome architect to make sure the space is not just an office but an environment you can do your best work. Another testament to the success of Working Spaces HQ, from the colour of the walls - the skylight, the pimped out foyer, lots of effort has gone into all the little details to make #WSHQ a place you are happy to pay to use over using the cafe.

Which brings me back to the name. #WSHQ isn't for cafe hoppers who want free wi-fi #WSHQ is for people who are looking for a co-working space and all it has to offer to get their work done.

We have people writing books, we have techies from Sydney and Wollongong, recruiters, and lots of people from Sydney and Melbourne working for global corporates, who come to Wagga once a fortnight to work and they are working from Working Spaces HQ.

In Wagga Wagga we have so many remote workers, working in our region - for someone like me who isn't surprised easily this has surprised me A LOT! Even when the name I came up with all those years ago was derived to build a space to serve not only our local business community, SME's, owner-operators and entrepreneurs, but attract these remote workers, that mouthful of a name has certainly paid off! 

 Click the picture to check out the google trends

Click the picture to check out the google trends

Wagga Wagga is even home to one hot new startup Pointer Remote Roles founded by Jo Palmer who herself has been working remotely for years and is leading the charge around the conversation of remote work in Australia.

"Co-working spaces are adding to the appeal for businesses to employee remotely. Businesses are no longer restricted to employing people just because they live in the same city as the head office. You can now get the best person for the job, with the skills and experience you want, regardless of where they live. Co-working spaces have given many businesses the confidence to take the plunge into remote teams and employees. Not only do they feel that their new employee is still ‘going to work’ but the perks that come with the interactions within a co-working space are often beneficial to their work." Jo Palmer - Pointer Remote Roles

The future of work is changing and co-working is definitely going to contribute to encouraging more remote work. It's not just funky offices with ping pong tables, the main factor and what we emphasise is the reduced overheads, it isn't just a reduced cost, it is a shared cost,  a community movement even are very conscious about. We have swapped our ping pong table for mindfulness, corporate massages and a co-book club.

It has taken a while but the method behind the madness of our name isn't that crazy after all, it encapsulates who we are, and our why even if it a mouthful and we wouldn't have it any other way!



simone eyles