The success of Working Spaces comes down to our members. Simone has done the whole startup journey, on her own and although amazing it was at times a lonely road. Having started at a kitchen bench, then granny flat with a tour of Silicon Valley before moving out into a "real office" Simone knew she could create a space that could remove a lot of barriers for other startups, both financial with overheads and personally by sharing experiences ... hello Working Spaces HQ.

However Working Spaces HQ is meant to be a fluid space, where people can work, learn, play and grow and by grow we mean do the startup time in a safe environment, put money back into their business not overheads and grow their business that they are big and bold and strong enough to go out on their own.

We started in April 2015 and before anything was official we had our first member, Di from RGTC taking a semi desk one day a week. Di took an office when we moved upstairs and then had to move into a bigger office late last year. in May 2017 Di and her team of 3 will leave Working Spaces HQ and move into their own office, this is everything Working Spaces HQ is about and you can read about Di's experience here.